It’s been long enough…

blog 1For as long as I can remember I have always had a problem with my weight. I developed early as a young girl and my body went nuts. Growing up I had glasses, braces and some awkward haircuts that were the beginning of some horrible nicknames like onion blossom, broccoli hair and mushroom head……yes, I was picked on 😦

It was throughout my whole childhood that I heard things like “give it to her she will eat it”, “you are too pretty to let yourself get this fat”, “way to go but now lets work on this (pointing at my belly)”….and can I be honest with you…..that hurt! It still hurts and it is something that I have carried with me for a long time. I used to carry a bag of food with me to work for snacks and I would be the one to joke with everyone about my weight. I would say things like “im just making room in my temple”, or “well if I’m ever stranded, I will have what I need”…….was I NUTS or what?! (Wait, dont’ answer that!)

In 2003, my mother and I began walking and doing Weight Watchers. We walked 15 miles a week and tracked everything we ate. I dropped a lot of weight and was around 160. I was pretty smokin hot if I may say so myself! (tee-hee)

Then I met a man in 2003 who changed my life because he didn’t see FAT….he saw ME! I knew I better hold onto him, so I married him! However, what happens when you get married? You get comfortable and content….you’ve got your prize so why continue to fight….just BE, right? Well after a while I saw the lbs starting to pile back on and I realized I wasn’t the girl that I was when we married. After the birth of our first daughter, I thought I would lose the weight right away but in fact the opposite happened and I piled on more weight resulting in a whopping 250 lbs. Now other than pregnancy this is the biggest I have ever been ( and please understand I don’t share this lightly but I want you to know the real me).

It has never been easy for me to lose weight, I have to work really hard. It doesn’t come natural and I don’t have that “special” high metabolism that helps keep me skinny….no it is a struggle with an extra helping of tough. I have tried everything out there from diet pills and shakes to starvation and yes even a little heave ho in the bathroom. No special fad diet is a way to live your life!

It wasn’t untiil recently that I was driving down the road and actually looked made up and pretty that day, makeup/hair done and nicely dressed, but one quick glance in the side view mirror changed all of that in the blink of an eye……I saw it staring back at me like a floppy pancake….hey do you like pancakes..wait, ok let’s not get off track 😉 I was staring at a double chin….then I really started to examine myself…I was not liking what I was seeing. So that was the day I decided to make a change…this wasn’t going to be a diet, but rather a lifestyle change….a way of life change….a change for the better…a change for my family….a change for ME! I will not live my life anymore taunted by food and the sounds of Ben & Jerry calling me from the freezer, “Jessica…Jessica…..we are here for you!”……Listen B&J, if you were really there for me, you would make a no fat, no calorie, no sugar version of yourself….so until then you can march yourself right back into the freezer aisle and stay put!

So now I am going into Week 3 of my salad savoring, potato passing, celery crunching journey and I am 6 lbs down! Wahoo!

Sister loved by God, we are in this journey together to be the best “US” that God intended….won’t you join me? So what is your story?


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