My REVIEW on PB2!!


Ok, so I am not a huge peanut butter fan, but when you have that craving for it, it’s good to have in your cupboard! However, not at the cost of 5 pts per 2 tbsp. 😦

So, I have been searching the stores for a pb fix at low points value and can I tell you….I have stumbled upon sheer yumminess in a bottle! PB2 is a powder form of peanut butter that you mix with water. I bought it today at Walmart for $4.68 (yikes!), a little pricey, so I thought this better be good! When I came home I was anxious to try it and see how it turned out, so I made a pb & j sandwich with the PB2 and Sugar Free Blackberry Jam. I mixed 2 tbsp. of the PB2 powder with 1 tbsp. of water and stirred until it became smooth. Of course before I spread it on the bread, I had to try it from the spoon and one word came to mind……..PHENOMENAL!!

This stuff is creamy and smooth, extremely easy to spread, yummy beyond yummy and only…wait for it…..1 points plus per 2 tbsp! I give it mini rating scalemini rating scalemini rating scalemini rating scaleon my rating system…other than the price, you can’t beat it! So go out and grab some…what are you waiting for? 😉


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