Small Successes!

I have to share a small success from today…I went shopping to look for something completely unrelated to clothing but just happened to spy something with my little eye…..a beautiful black pin stripe suit….I tried it on and loved it but why I loved it is even better………1 size smaller than what I have been wearing…so I looked through the racks and found 2 more…..all 1 size smaller than what I have been in! I am so excited! It’s been a while since I have comfortably been in this size and although it is not the size I am stopping at, this milestone is feeling pretty good! So, so far in my weight loss journey I have went from 245.2 to 233.0, a size 20-22 to an 18 and am definitely losing inches. I can see the weight loss in my face a lot due to the water I am drinking. I always tend to lose there. This battle is real folks but I am conquering it one day at a time!

 If you are struggling today, keep pressing on…..though the journey may be tough, the results are so worth it and the best is yet to come!closer


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