My Taper on Paper!

Here I will share with you pages of my journal and what a day in my weight loss journey looks like!

 (My oh-so creative hubby came up with this cute name so I must give credit where credit is due 😉 )

Websters definition of taper is –

b :  gradual diminution of thickness, diameter, or width in an elongated object OR c :  a gradual decrease

I write everything I eat or put in my mouth in my daily journal, so I found it only fitting to title this page “My Taper (loss/decrease) on Paper”! My motto is “I bite it, I write it”….

Here is a sample page of the journal I use to “bite it and write it”:
(I am allotted 38 pts a day)
Breakfast:     Turkey Bacon,Egg White and Cheese English Muffin=7 WWP+
Lunch:           2 slices of Natures Own White Wheat Bread=3 WWP+
                      1 pc of 98% FF Turkey Sandwich Meat=1 WWP+
                      1 pc of Fat Free Cheese=1 WWP+
                      Mustard=0 WWP+
Afternoon Snack:     16 Original Wheat Thins and 2 Laughing Cow Wedges=6 WWP+
Dinner:           Egg Salad with Avocado & Tomato=9 WWP+ (WW Recipe)
Snack:           Skinny Banana Boat=5-6 WWP+ 
* Note: Points will vary depending on brand/store you use


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